19 things that you should do
if you visit Leon, Guanajuato

Walk one Sunday
along the pedestrian area
In the historic downtown of the city you can enjoy its architecture and culture.
Hang around
Plaza Mayor
Despite of the fact that the city already has several commercial centers, Plaza Mayor is the meeting point of meeting for its lovers.
Buy a
pair of shoes
Who can visit León without buying at least 4 pairs of shoes? Its quality and price will really make you going crazy. Those are some benefits to buy a pair of genuine leather shoes.
Watch a football
match of La Fiera
León has one of the largest number of football fans. So you can’t leave this city without living an experience of a football match at the stadium.
Go to
the Fair
The Fair of León is widely recognized all over the country and it takes place from January to February. There you can find fun, enjoy mechanical rides, concerts, food... simply you must go there.
Tour around the city
in “La Oruga” (local bus)
Thanks to the city modern transportation, you can tour around the city for a low cost and take different lines of “La Oruga
The state capital which is close to the city and it is so beautiful that it will be unforgivable not to take a bus and be there in 30 minutes
One of the city’s traditional dishes, la Guacamaya is a roll filled with fried pork skin (called “duro”), usually served with the Pico de Gallo sauce. It’s ideal to cure the hangover!
Go to
the Zoo
Enjoy a Sunday with your family at the Zoo.
Whether you are religious or not, you can admire the beautiful architecture and design of this enclosure.
Visit Forum
and Poliforum
León has a large cultural catalogue with libraries, museums, expositions and others concentrated in the South side of the city.
Cross the city along
the Malecón
In addition to butterflies in your belly for the effect of the fairway’s slopes, it is an opportunity to cross the whole city in a short time.
It is a typical carbonated drink of the city, ideal for the heat.
Have a picnic in
the Metropolitano
Enjoy the landscapes and climate of the Metropolitano Park, with its bike rides, camping, trips, gym and restaurant.
Go to the International
Balloon Festival
Amaze yourself with the beautiful view and experience to see hundreds of hot air balloons gathered in one place in November.
Eat a pump
(and there will be no explosion)
If you love the mixture of sweet and salty tastes, then you will love another one of the typical dishes of León: chopped fruit sprinkled with chili powder and cheese ... much cheese!
Take a picture at La Fuente de los Leones
(Fountain of the Lions)
It’s impossible to visit León and not take a picture at La Fuente de los Leones, the famous meeting point of the local people, called leoneses.
Eat a home-made ice-cream
in Tepoznieves
Special seal to your day with a delicious home-made ice-cream from Tepoznieves; it’s simply the best.
Melted cheese, pastas and grills served at a festive space decorated as a bullfighting arena. It’s a restaurant full of traditions in the beautiful León, Guanajuato. Now you already have it all! Enjoy to the utmost your next visit to one of the most beautiful cities in our country!